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Eireen C.

5.0 star rating 4/5/2014

At last, at last. If I could sing a love song in Nigerian, I would. I have been looking for Nigerian food for ages, and Kuramo delivers. Different flavors of fufu (the pounded yam is my favorite), dodo (plantains) and dipping sauces - with spinach, meat (can be left out if you're veg) and a red sauce that is like liquid cayenne - tasty if exceedingly spicy - all brought me back to the first time I ever had this cuisine, in a wee hole-in-the-wall in Ireland, of all places. 

The space is large, great for groups, and there is a small stage for musicians. It's somewhat dark but there are lights at each table, so seeing menus (and signing) is not a problem. However, they have both music and the TV going at the same time, so it's a bit loud in there.

If you opt to eat your dinner with your hands instead of utensils, you don't automatically get a napkin, which you find you will need a few of. I do wish they would come around and refill water glasses more often (especially because of that red sauce), or ask if you need anything, because the servers were absent through much of our meal. Also - most of the beverages do not come with free refills.

I also wish they had vegan meat substitutes, which I realize is not African in nature as you wouldn't go on a safari hunting for wild tofu, but the name Kuramo comes from a beach in Portugal, so who's kvetching?

All I know is their food is stellar and I look forward to many more meals there.
Parice L.

5.0 star rating 7/5/2014
NOW I UNDERSTAND y the chick below was singing AT LAAAAAAAAST!!!
I was getting under the weather n needed spicy food and I always go african to find that... had been elsewhere days prior and food was totally bland but these folks had that standard nigerian party rice taste oh my geez i was floating and gloating. wanted to buy a carry out but cuz its so heavy and I struggled w/my seat buckle on my last flight................ yeah. SO. i had the jollof n plantain n beef and asked for extra side stew cause I can never eat rice dry regardless how tender it is. The plantain were PERFECTION... the meat uber pliable and I can taste it all coming back now. came back later for egusi n eba which is another plate I get when im getting ill for the greens n the fiber and the PEPPER. Think theyre probably one of the best authentic fares in the whole area cause I searched hi/low. Thank God I found em!

As far as the wait time it really was average but when you come to these unique kind of places best bet is call ahead or ask upfront whats READY or what food they made for the day cause they never make everrrrything on the menu
Tony P.

4.0 star rating 4/26/2012
A welcomed new addition to the ebbing neighborhood offering African/Caribbean influenced fares. The decor is modest with plenty of seating. The service was spotty but not unexpected for a new opening. I would recommend people exercise some patience.

The fares are very good. The ox-tail stew was nicely savory and balanced. Served with rice and sauteed cabbages, it was a solid meal. The goat stew was also nicely savory and had a bit of spicy kick that worked very well. The moin-moin side dish was savory and sweet.

The fares are home style cooking with satisfying portions. I do hope the area offers more patrons to keep them going. The area could certainly use a bit of international influence to expand its palate.